Unreal Tips

Here are a list of tutorials that I have found useful as I learn Unreal Engine 5.

Fixing Ugly Shadows in Unreal 5

William Faucher is one of my favorite Unreal channels.

Using Complex Collision as Simple

When your collision isn’t working the right way and you’d like to use the vertices of the mesh as your collider (for a photoscanned rock, for example) you can do that! You can also bulk-edit via the Property Matrix. Here’s a link to do both.

How to Enable Collisions in Unreal Engine This video is very helpful.

Creating a Fly-though camera

This video explains how to quickly set up a camera rail and to simply animate the camera to look where you like.

This video explains how to render the sequence.

This documentation from Unreal Engine is easy to follow, AND it no longer requires a depth camera iphone… I used my 2020 iPhone SE tonight to make it work just fine. Very straightforward.

This video might be of some use.

Niagara Particle System

I am having a time trying to find the right level of tutorial for my students. This is the closest I have gotten so far. CGHOW is the master though!

Common nodes for Niagara

CGHOW Getting Started

Game Study Guide’s video on Making Custom Particle Effects helps us use our own sprites, like from the Particle Pack.

When setting up a main menu, the cursor is captured by default. You can fix that here! If you need help remembering how to create a UI and show it on the screen, here you go! TL:DR is Create Widget and Add to Viewport. Ben 🌱 UI knows all the things about UMG.

Picking Up Objects

How to Select (highlight) other actors/objects by looking at them This video was quite good.

Basic Inventory


Some day I would love to figure out how this system works.

Updating Plugins

If you need to update a marketplace plugin to a newer version of Unreal Engine, try this.

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips.

How to check if the Character is on the ground? Use the Is Moving on Ground node, from the Character Movement node.